The Fruit

Have you picked a piece of fruit off the tree and eaten it right away? The freshness of the fruit is expressed in the vibrancy of the flavors, concentration of sugars, high volume of juice, and density of the meat. There’s nothing better than fresh picked fruit. We bring you as close as possible to experiencing this freshness level by keeping the turnaround time from picking to shipping at an absolute minimum. Most fruit in the local grocery store is at least 2 weeks away from the grove. We keep our fruit moving in and out within a week. You can taste the difference!

All our fruit is harvested from farms located in Southern California. We do not import or supplement local out of season crops to extend our availability. When the immediate local crops are at peak flavor, we harvest and pack for your enjoyment. When the crops taper off, we let the trees and land rest for the next year, switching instead to the next seasonal crops. The amazing thing about SoCal is there are multiple delicious fresh fruits available 12 months out of the year. At any given time, we will have 8-20 different items coming straight from the grove to your home. How cool is that!

Very Fresh! We ship to you within 1 week of harvesting.

Yes! Each farm we partner with as well as our own land is certified Organic via a third party agency.

This is our commitment to you, you will only find fruit available for sale that has been grown and harvested from Southern California farms. By default, we will be focusing on the best fruit currently available. In short, if you see it for sale on the site, it’s in season. You can check out our seasonal calendar here. Keep in mind, each year is different so this calendar is a general guideline.

Most fruit is completely fine stored on the counter top at room temperature. If it requires refrigeration, we will include instructions with the fruit.


We’re so glad you asked! Simply select the quantity you would like of the seasonal fruit available and click Add to Cart. Once at checkout, choose the best shipping option for your location. Fill out your payment information and click Submit! We will send a confirmation email as soon as we receive the order. Processing time is within 24 Business hours.

Absolutely, when a shipping label is generated, our fulfillment center fires off an email giving you tracking information and a summary of your order.

The Farm

Yes we do! Our family property is located in North San Diego County in the midst of some of the finest agricultural land in the country. Our family has been farming here for decades and knows the land, the seasons, and surrounding areas intimately. Read more about our story here.

We are a working farm and packing house. We are not currently set up to offer farm tours but if you select Farm Pickup when placing an order, you will get to see our beautiful property up close and personal when you drive in.

We offer farm pickup on Monday and Thursday from 10AM to 2PM Pacific Time.