Why Organic Is Best

Why Organic Is Best

Dec 19, 2022Andrew Dickinson

There are many reasons why we should prioritize organic food for our bodies.

Here are just a few...

1. Fewer Pesticides 

By eating organic foods, you lower your risk of ingesting harmful toxic pesticides that are typically used in all other food growing processes. Organic farming, however,  produces cleaner food without the use of these pesticides. While some organic farmers may use certain pesticides, they are much safer for ingestion because they are primarily derived from natural substances. In order to be certified organic, these natural pesticides must be approved for production.

2. Non GMO

The use of GMOs is completely eliminated in organic farming as a whole. Genetically Modified Organisms are the opposite of natural and have been known to cause many health issues.

3. Healthy Soil, Healthy Earth

Healthy soil is the basis for organic agriculture. Organic farmers use natural fertilizers and soil amendments like composting to build a healthy soil. When food is grown in this kind of soil, crops are better able to resist disease, survive droughts, and tolerate all sorts of insects.


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