Dickinson Family Farms

Organic Farmer's Choice Box


This box shows off the best of the region in all aspects. We will include Certified Organic citrus, avocados, and subtropicals based on what’s currently at peak flavor. Any fruit landing in this box is being harvested in abundance from our local farms and is at peak flavor due to seasonal availability. Take a virtual trip to our California farms with each bite and sampling of the selection we hand pack for you. Expect to see 2-3 varieties of each type of fruit (citrus, avocado, subtropicals) in this box.



3lbs = approx. 6-8 fruits

5lbs = approx. 10-12 fruits

10lbs = approx. 25-28 fruits


Please note, pictures are examples only. The actual fruit selection you receive will be harvested in the season you purchased. 


Freshness Is Guaranteed