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Dickinson Family Farms

Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

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You've heard of avocados being called Green Gold? Well, our Certified Organic Avocado Oil is liquid Green Gold. Cold pressed to retain all the essential nutrients naturally occurring in our Avocados. Our oil is a beautiful translucent green just like the vibrant color of our Certified Organic California Avocados. The taste of our oil contains all the nutty, rich, flavor of an avocado picked at peak season. We achieve Extra Virgin status by only bottling oil from the very first pressing of our avocados and by extracting the oil through mechanical methods, not with excess heat or chemical solvents. Grown, pressed, and bottled locally in Fallbrook, CA, we proudly offer our Certified Organic Avocado Oil from our groves to your home.

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Our fruit is tree ripened to ensure the fullness of taste and quality. Once they are ripe, each one is hand picked with care so you can enjoy to true quality of farm grown fruit.

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