Dickinson Family Farms

Organic Rio Red Grapefruit


A special variety known for its brilliant red/pink flesh and sweet flavor. The fruit has quickly become one of our favorite early season citrus items! We are privileged to work with a multigenerational family farm located in the eastern desert of San Diego County. The extreme temperatures of this arid region and expertise of the the Seley family creates one of the best tasting grapefruit we've ever experienced!  Available for a short season from January to April, we encourage you to try one of these gems at their peak flavor. Expect to taste a burst of sweetness, little bit of tartness, low acid, and loaded with juice! 


  • 3lb = approx. 4 Fruits
  • 5lb = approx. 6 Fruits
  • 10lb = approx. 10 Fruits

Freshness Is Guaranteed