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Our local North County San Diego roots are essential to our identity. We know and love the organic farmers in our community, partnering with them to support and uphold high standards for our produce. We serve the people in our community by providing the same quality produce we feed our family. Committed to supporting and enriching our community, we deliver freshness and quality one fruit at a time.


Sustainability is at the heart of Dickinson Family Farms. As a fourth-generation family, we understand the importance of sustaining the land for future generations. We compost and partner with local farms to enrich the soil and support our community. Our farming practices are designed to protect the environment, conserve resources, and ensure long-term agricultural health.


Our commitment to organic farming is guided by our family values and faith. As fourth-generation farmers, we honor the land through sustainable practices, ensuring the healthiest, most nutritious fruit. We hand-pick, inspect, and compost to enrich our soil. We are dedicated to quality and sustainability, offering a diverse range of organic fruits and products that provide customers with truly natural and flavorful produce.

The Dickinson Family Farms Difference
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Unique Seasonal Variety
Locally Grown
No Pesticides Or Synthetic Fertilizers
Transparent Sourcing
Better Preservation Of Delicate Nutrients
No Synthetic Fertilizers Or Additives
Personal Touch
Know Your Farmers

Multi-Gernerational Organic Farming