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Dickinson Family Farms

Organic Finger Limes

Organic Finger Limes

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What on earth are Finger Limes?! These unique micro citrus are also known as "Caviar Limes" for the tiny delicate citrus pearls located inside. They may be small and oddly shaped like a finger, but these limes hold a delicious tang flavor. In the autumn months, some caviar limes begin to “blush”- showing off colorful pink, yellow and green pearls, and peels in a range of burgundy and green shades.


  • 8oz (1)Clamshell = Approx. 15-20 limes
  • 1lb  (2)Clamshells = Approx. 30-35 limes
  • 3lb (6)Clamshells = Approx. 90-95 limes

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    Our fruit is tree ripened to ensure the fullness of taste and quality. Once they are ripe, each one is hand picked with care so you can enjoy to true quality of farm grown fruit.

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