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Organic Reed Avocados

Organic Reed Avocados

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Reed Avocados are a summer favorite for us. The fruit is large (average size is close to 1 lb each), flavor is creamy and rich, and the color is a vibrant yellow. The skin is thick like a Hass or Gem allowing easy peeling. The Reed Avocado is categorized as a "Greenskin" avocado meaning it doesn't change color as it ripens however it's easy to tell when the fruit is ready as they will soften and easily indent with pressure. Give yourself a treat and try one of these beautiful giants while they're in season. You will not be disappointed! 

In addition to growing our own fruit, we source fruit from local growers who put great care into their groves and trees. You can taste the difference as we don’t hold fruit for long periods of time in coolers or gas chambers post harvest. We pick the fruit and pack it to order so you can be assured of the freshest quality. And we only grow and handle Certified Organic Reed Avocados so rest assured no pesticides or harmful chemicals have ever come near to the tree or fruit you're purchasing from us. 

Reed Avocados ripen within 5-7 days at room temperature. The fruit is ripe when soft and the skin will look slightly wilted or "loose". 


3lbs = Approx. 4 avocados

5lbs = Approx. 8 avocados

10lbs = Approx. 15 avocados


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Our fruit is tree ripened to ensure the fullness of taste and quality. Once they are ripe, each one is hand picked with care so you can enjoy to true quality of farm grown fruit.

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